PhpXperts seminar 2010 a great success!

Being part of it, i’ve been thinking how perfectly it was crafted, it was so mind blowing that I couldn’t even think how could it be so short. So many interesting topics so many passionate speakers just ignited each of us. Their passionate talk just gave us hope that we can MAKE IT!

PhpXperts 2010 proved once again, Bangladesh is the nation where we have plenty of technologically skilled talents. All we were just waiting for leadership. If we can get space, get air and light we can even grow faster than any.

So being active speaker of phpXperts seminar since 2005, i’ve been awarded once again getting chance to be there. Though being de-touched from PHP community, I didn’t feel that i’m no longer part of it. like always phpXperts community is always a place I feel second home. Because of it’s gearing persons in background.

So one fine day I was called by hasin bhai, he informed me about the new event. So when he asked for my topic. He also mentioned me, “hasan I wanna get some techy stuffs from you this time :)”
well, I used to give techy speech but recently I turn to be a motivator speaker due to seeing enough lacking here in our IT industry. I believe, everyone can do whatever they wanna do but they need room to grow up!.

Thanks goes to hasin bhai and his team and sponsors to let it be what it has ended up being 🙂

These are the few things I loved this time –

  • Allowing companies to sponsor
  • Passionate venue (brac university seminar room)
  • Load of topics
  • So many new speakers
  • Exciting and passionate talks
  • Load of audience
  • Audience active participation
  • Online video streaming

Few suggestions for next event –

  • Splitting event into 2 days long
  • Choosing a bit larger space
  • Asking sponsor companies to bring their best to present on a small sponsor’s showroom.
  • Inviting foreign guest
  • Having phpXperts feast or other events (which might require ticket) where we could have barbeque and dinner together and IT chit chat.
  • Open career hunting panel (so at the end of the event some of them might be awarded by their final job interview)

My presentation on “CodeMan! NoSQL!”

you can download the source file here.

best wishes


7 responses to “PhpXperts seminar 2010 a great success!

  1. Zia

    Yap, it was rocking. 🙂

    And of-course your presentation was great, and really I wish I could be the codeMan. 🙂

  2. That was a seminar and it was my first experience.
    And I felt wow.
    And Your presentation was great.

  3. It was superb! And nice write up!

  4. Your talk is always awesome and this time as well. Wish to see more in upcoming event. yo rule man!


    Sorry for missing this time. I wish I could be there but for rush time unable to get the ticket. Hope to be there next time.

  6. 🙂

    Thank you.

    I would like to add a link to this: (complete seminar followup)

    Best Wishes

  7. Thanks for your nice written post.

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