WellTreat.Us a Ruby on Rails based SaaS platform to build your restaurant and business web site on it :)

So i guess my blog title reflects what i’m trying to make point here, YES! This is all about running well treat us as a SaaS platform.

Let me draw a line between those who already got it or those who yet struggling 🙂
well, frankly speaking my weekend goes with my newly started start up “http://welltreat.us

i guess many of those who already have been there might think “Well Treat Us” as a simple platform for reviewing restaurant. This is very true! Indeed, this is a review platform!!

But the fact is far behind the simple review platform 🙂 “Well Treat Us” is a platform for reviewing ANYTHING that matters in our daily LIFE 🙂

Wait a minute! Did you get it ? “Well Treat Us” domain was intentionally picked up so it could be related with “store.WellTreat.Us”, “electricians.WellTreat.Us”, “CarService.WellTreat.Us”, “BookAuthor.WellTreat.Us”, “Movie.WellTreat.Us”, “Newspaper.WellTreat.Us”, “Doctor.WellTreat.Us”, “Government.WellTreat.Us” and it goes on…

so if you are still not getting the idea! I should blame myself for not succeeding to reaching those above words through your tough skull 🙂

anyway! In a brief, “Well Treat Us is a platform to read review about our daily mostly used services and products. It helps people and business to grow mutually with feedbacks from each other.”

Ah! let’s back into the topic 🙂

So by now you should have understood, “Well Treat Us” is a platform where it can be used for reviewing on anythings, though currently you can only see “http://restaurant.welltreat.us” but at certain point you would be able to see everything that matters your daily living. (we promise)

Keeping this in mind, we have been developing WellTreatUs platform following agile and lean mindset. Since our inception we have been adding each and every features based on our visitors opinion. Perhaps you spoke that over review or over facebook fan page or in a friendly discussion, we are listening and keeping your wishes in our product feature list (product backlog). So we can give more efforts to bring those for you :). we suggest you better don’t feel shy to share what cross your mind.

So let’s back to the main topic 🙂

“Well Treat Us” as a SaaS (Software As a Service) how that stands up ?

Well, as i’ve already mentioned well treat us is built on the concept of “topic”.
In every data structure there is dependent parent object which we call “topic” so whatever goes through the “Well Treat Us” every contents are put under specific “topic”. This topic based architecture helped us to isolate and identify separate type of contents. (ie. Doctors, books, restaurants, donors, stores etc..)

Just imagine your web site is built on “Well Treat Us” CMS

So as “Well Treat Us” is a platform for hosting several topics dependent review platform, we kept another side around which enables us to provide a complete make over using your own preference to build your own business web site or e-commerce store.

Let me make it more understandable. As you can see today you can browse any restaurant page which looks like the following picture –

As you can see every restaurant page comes with a simple predefined attributes, such as title, description, tags, location, images and so on. Which can be varied from topic to topic, for example – doctors review site might need different attributes than what we have with restaurant. Fortunately everything could be configured over topic administration system as we have in well treat us admin panel.

A different make over as your wish!

“Well Treat Us” is not only about having multiple topics based review platform it is also about creating web site for your own business need. Where “Well Treat Us” as SaaS comes into play.
The following image is an illustration how it could help you to build your web site as your own wishes and preferences. Check it out –

Also don’t forget about having your own web site address (ie. Http://laalshop.com) and so much customization that you can do with any CMS these days. (like joomla, sitefinity etc..)

“Well Treat Us” Web Site Content Management System – “We kept Everything Visual!”
Till now we haven’t unveiled the GREAT secret about “Well Treat Us”, you might be wondering what that could be ? Well you know! You know! 😉 the secret is all about secret we shouldn’t unveil it 🙂 well here is the secret –

“We have build “Well Treat Us” for our own usages” it means, we haven’t built it for having another fancy service around, we built it because we meant it we wanted it. We kept it mind that we are gonna use it for our own purposes. Our business ideas and web sites will be built on it.

So you can understand, how much efforts we give only to keep it more useable for our own demand. We have been doing it with passion for us and for our clients.

Let us show you some examples, how does it looks, when you have a web site on well treat us SaaS platform

A web site built on “Well Treat Us SaaS paltform”

This is an example, how your web site's featured images are administrated over the admin panel.

This is another example which demonstrates how easy it is to let you manage your web site menu on the fly.

Ah! what a easy way to create a new content with SEO friendly url 🙂

It's your web site, you got freedom and control, so you better add as much video clip as you want 🙂 -

Also control total number of items to be displayed -

Also you are king of your own content edit it live on the site in edit mode so you can see how might appear on screen 🙂

I guess i should have completed my post bit earlier 🙂 but my passion toke me further. Anyway! Thanks for reading the whole thing 🙂

best wishes,


6 responses to “WellTreat.Us a Ruby on Rails based SaaS platform to build your restaurant and business web site on it :)

  1. Great Job! Hope restaurant owners will like it…

  2. You take a very good initiative and the idea is very cool. Not only that this “reviewing system” also help us to take the right decision. Especially in our country, we have no right for consumer. Sometime we have faced such a situation that we cannot ask to our service provider about their bad services. We cannot do anything against them. I hope so “welltreat.us ” can give us some right to raise our voice.

    Also I wonder how productive you are and you make this within your weekend. Lots of time we excuse that after taking job load, we cannot do any work. This will encourage us to develop such a cool project.

  3. Interesting…I would like to sit with you and talk about it sometime, professionally that is :), I might have something that interests you :). When are you free on next week? I would be grateful if you would visit my office :). Let me know over GTalk or phone.

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