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can anyone enlighten me here? i’ve read an article yesterday on OpenAgile,
which actually drew my attention, you can read it here

it seems to me a combination of lean and scrum, they kept nearly synonymous terms adhered from scrum world.
so far i can understand, they want to keep it open and collaborative. where scrum is religiously maintaining all related practices & terms otherwise inferior complexion is created through ScrumBut.
here is a peek from the blog –

….Another major difference between OpenAgile and Scrum is how the community operates. OpenAgile is an open-source method that has a specific structure for community involvement that allows for continuous improvement of the system. Scrum is closed. It is closely managed by it’s founders and this has led to challenges with the method becoming dogmatic. OpenAgile is meant to constantly evolve and grow…..

so it seems like OpenAgile will be an openly accepted ScrumBut. Sounds to me cool! again,
i wish they will keep it as thin and more adaptive like lean (3 processes)  & scrum (8/9 processes)

from my understanding, prescriptive process is always rigid and provides less option to adapt companies own branded culture thus it might fail or irritate everyone. or it might ended up with cloning the same formal attitude.
probable this is the reason why most of the creative companies create their own way to ensure everyone get’s chance to be creative.

on the other side, less prescribed process such as lean can motivate you to learn how to do better in what situation. gradually it helps you to come up with your own process.
but one problem might happen, people used to pretend they understood the principles very well, in reality, they actually didn’t get it. thus they miss use it. hence it becomes burden and becomes unstable.

it seems me, like writing all logic in View rather not understanding why MVC (model view controller) and why those separations are needed. MVC got very few principles (only 3 infact) but you got bunch of other practices adhered from community, design patterns and technical prophets (mentors ;)_)

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