In response to motivation beyond career kick start (on agile bangladesh)

Nice post indeed! really loved the topic!. thanks for the post!

I liked riasul bhai’s comment, it explains a lot.

in 2003 i kicked started my IT career doing part time web development job in a company,
i did my secondary and higher secondary school in commerce faculty as my dad wanted me to study further on commerce.
after completing my higher secondary school, i was suppose to choose my business college to complete my under grad.
at that time i took the risk i invested myself. ate my own fear and kicked myself to ignite.
though everything happened without my own concern (because i was really loving the way it was moving on),
i started studying in IT college later i hated and dropped out. as i was getting an impression
that i’m studying to let someone certify me. as i don’t wanna be certified by other as i will be certified by my own creation.

lastly, i told my dad “i’m not chasing your dream i’m chasing mine”. since then i felt like i am “working for fun”.

money or financial improvement is byproduct. money was never my motivational factor where it does for my parents
since they are not from IT background and they can’t measure how i’m progressing.

i guess this is very common challenge thus most of the people can’t control their temptation, so they move company for better salary or financial benefit.

i again ditto raisul bhai’s opinion, many people think money is the factor but it’s not exactly the reason to leave a company,
as long as company environment has enough fun and challenge to live with.

i saw many talents want to settle early in the life and they dream the same thing as zillions of the other people do on earth. (i.e.. getting married, having kid, own apartment, car and bla bla)

i think this should be changed, guys should have more passion on learning and patience for climbing up to the peak of the intellectually hill.

guys!, just chase your own dream, just wake up be what you dreamed and dared to be :)_) just have fun! be your own idol be the icon for others.
money can buy so many stuffs, but it can’t buy what you have dreamed about.

we need more passionate coder (architect coder), passionate product owner (who just love to interact with client and team to build the better software), passionate scrum master (who just love to facilitate people)

i think company needs to care about few responsibilities –

1. company should grow up

2. Be trustworthy, honest and earn your respect (as a company, brand, manager whatever)

3. they should treat developers (programmer, tester, designer) as human not machine

4. they should pay them the fair amount of salary so they don’t have to be concerned about it.

5. they should facilitate them placing themselves on their side.

6. they should build relation rather not employee and boss culture

7. they should help to create an environment where everyone (even the newly joined one) can speak out loud enough to be heard.
so everyone knows where is the frustration hides.

8. they should help to create an environment where people never backstab rather they speak face to face and help the colleagues to be better human, better team member.

9. management should be the first team who demonstrates their accountability then expect everyone to do the same.

best wishes,
btw, this is my birthday writeup :)_)

On Dec 20, 10:17 pm, Mostofa wrote:
> Well ..
> When you started off your career in IT what motivated you to choose a
> company ?
> Was it the salary or something else ?
> I had some negative experience on this recently and would like to know
> what others think .
> regards,
> Mostofa

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6 responses to “In response to motivation beyond career kick start (on agile bangladesh)

  1. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” nice stuff. liked it….hu hu…:)

  2. Irfan Ahmed

    Wow, thats a nice stuff; just liked it…and you know what i was doing before my eyes felt on your posts?? I was watching the Secret for the third time..The way you are thinking for motivation i believe it really works…Today i have a passion but i had not just before 5 or six months, today i feel the way is so pleasant but it was not like that before, the more the time i am passing i become addicted to attract my passion to transform my thoughts into dream, but i also have some other dreams which might not match with other i mean i am just flying with all that passion in my way..One thing to share must, i have learnt how to become out from frustration so rapidly..Thanks for this nice birthday post, Happy Birthday, wish all of your thoughts, passion become things….Irfan Ahmed..

  3. Schumonn

    Well said little bro!:{D

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