(agilebd) how are we adopting agile in our companies?

thanks for initiating this thread, i will write about my experience on adopting agile.
this is my second company where we are in a transition from waterfall project management to agile based project management.
as you guys can pretend we have so many things to put together to make it easy to understand to those who none believers.

i am very very happy because of the positive and more agile attitude from management bench.
more over management has realized we have to be more picky while choosing client.
fortunately tekSymmetry (our company) is working with those clients who really love us seeing our open collaboration, more friendly attitude and honesty.

our belief is, “we don’t think client as our client we rather think them as our partner” we assist them to get smile on their face at the same time they are helping us to be happy being with them.

to help or accelerate adopting agile we had to do the following stuffs

– after stand up meeting we submitted daily (when sprint is running) “sprint burndown chart” and “sprint backlogs” to the management (management got more curiosity seeing more communication and transparent activities with in the development)

– simplified deployment process, (didn’t setup CI because we wanted more controlled environment, specially i wanted to understand the team and team attitude first)

– initially i had to prepare product backlog to demonstrate how to use it.

– joined with the development team and involved myself in coding

– understanding the development team and management team very closely to figure out how you can be part of their achievement. (thanks to  management because they rather helped me a lot and made so many things easier for us)

– my personal preference is “no give up policy, all human beings are similar possibilities”, i have been working closely and motivating each and every team members.

– helping them to understand they are not away from the standard and smartness.

– initiated “after sprint technical session”, (our talents prepare their presentation and present them to everyone, perhaps someday we will invite audience form many of your companies)

– ran 6 sprints being scrum master, showed them how to manage sprint backlog, how to keep it up to date, available time commitment and daily stand up

– built new scrum master who is now facilitating the core division of the team (we separate the team in two major divisions, core team, new feature team)

– helping him to realize scrum master is not someone who command, rather who “listen and suggest” with soft voice. more preciously he has to eradicate all those blocking issues which interrupting the team.

usually we keep the following stuffs on our scrum

– generally (8 development days, 1 sprint planning and 1 sprint review meeting) = 10 days

– bug fixing sprints are usually 1 week span (4 days work + 2 meeting) = 6 days

– retrospective meeting is organized after sprint review meeting, we used to go for lunch with the team to discuss about “what wasn’t good, could be improved”

– scrum team consists of developers + testers/qa + (soon we will add up designer too)

– test cases are prepared and delivered before any developer take commitment on any feature (though sometimes we can’t get everything before we kick starts coding)

– developer don’t practice test driven development rather they practice “validation driven development” (VDD :)_))

– i have practiced feature driven release on my previous company

– here we are practicing timely and feature driven release on new company (not yet released anything)

challenge i have faced

– motivating and showing team members their own career path

– helping team to understand the agile way instead of liner way

– making continuous productivity and hyperactivity understandable

– cutting the last moment hero rather making the team as a whole as hero

advantages i have found

– both of the companies where i have introduced agile, (somewhere in… and tekSymmetry) from management perspective view they had agile mindset

– management values human over process

– management is picky about choosing the right client with similar mindset.

btw, feeling constant headache, perhaps that is the reason beyond this
big email :)_)

best wishes,

this email was sent and published under agilebd (bangladesh agile) group


One response to “(agilebd) how are we adopting agile in our companies?

  1. imitaz

    thnx for da mail…its a gr8 mail…this surely will motivate pplz in setting their mind to own sector..

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