Scrum: How to understand stand up and burn down is effective ?

Scrum burn down chart and daily stand up meeting are the most important part of the scrum process to keep the team on focus. Scrum is good on bring transparency in development process. With utilizing better engineering practice like test driven development, continuous integration we could keep our productivity and fun on the same line.

If you are one of those  people who are wondering

What is called “stand up”?

I have a brief for you.

scrum standup picture

scrum stand up meeting

On the picture you could see, there are few people who are standing up and discussing about the following 3 topics –

  1. What i have done yesterday!
  2. What i will do today!
  3. Where i have been stucking!

This is a required daily meeting where 10 minutes are spent together with all team members, this meeting is used to adjust the tasks among the team members also to monitor the current status.

Later this meeting is followed by a burn down chart which is attach on the wall or send through email to everyone or upload on some place which is visible to everyone.

scrum burn down chart

scrum burn down chart

What is burn down chart ?

Burn down chart is a graph which is used to visualize how much hours work is left in an iteration (sprint). on the illustration you’d see a white line which is visualizing average burning hours per day. If we have planned for 180 hours tasks for whole iteration. Average burning hours should be minimum 180 / 8 days (if you have 8 days span sprint) = 22.5 hours to keep us on target.

The green line is visualizing the real team progress, you see this is not always up to the base line. It is moving up and down thus we are determining how the team is performing. If this green line is too upwards from the base line it means we are behind the schedule if that goes far below from the base line that reflects bad planning.

How to understand your team is understanding them?

I found the following symptoms to understand that our team members are understanding the importance –

  • Everyone attending daily stand up on time.
  • Everyone feeling responsible and notifying before they get late in office.
  • Everyone eagerly reporting their status and taking commitment for today
  • Team members are feeling guilty if some of them didn’t complete the commitment
  • Everyone eagerly waiting to see the change in burn down chart
  • If burn down shows some upward progress everyone get concerns and work hard
  • Everyone feeling proud of the progress which shows in burn down.
  • Everyone working every day not waiting for last moments push.
  • Everyone keeping their daily commitments
  • When burn down curve is  not moving too upward or not falling too downwards.

Most important change in scrum is your team doesn’t need to work over night or over weekend to keep progress around the base line. (i will later discuss about how iterative and incremental planning can help). Fortunately we have discovered these changes on our current team.

The most important thing is feeling the “team way” which we are missing in most of our teams, I guess utilizing the tools and process like scrum that can be improved a lot.

best wishes,


5 responses to “Scrum: How to understand stand up and burn down is effective ?

  1. Thanks hasan vai for the post.

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    short writing wanted

  3. Really this article helps to speed up our team effort.

  4. JamesD

    Thanks for the useful info. It’s so interesting

  5. Hi,
    I have find your blog site in Google. Thnx for your good post.

    I am CEO of a gift selling company. Recently we have start several web project.Can you tell me is SCRUM good to manage several project at same time.


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