configure rails in production environment.

for last couple of days, i was struggle with rails deployment related issue, so far i was happy with mongrel backed and apache reverse proxy front configuration.

so last night, i found mongrel is surprisingly slow for serving static content, like javascripts, images, and styles files. so later i set apache for serving static files. now it seems out performing 😉

anyway, i was wondering about mongrel and how does it works in production deployment. as we know (who use java backed application server in production environment), any java backed application container are configurable. where we can define the maximum limit of thread pool size.
but i didn’t find this type of thing over mongrel, later few of the following urls, really helped me to understand how mongrel  works in production environment. the concept is very simple.

every mongrel worker is a standalone instance of mongrel and every mongrel instances are listening to a specific port. so i have to setup a reverse proxy or a load balancer which will be used to pick up the right mongrel instance.  for all session affinity shake, there must be some solutions, this is what i have to figure out later. (hopefully after getting my laptop)
here are the resource links –

pound – used as load balancer and reverse proxy service.

jared’s guide how to install pound

Grails vs rails fight, though it doesn’t worth rather than few configuration learning.

hope these will be helpful for my future reminding 🙂


One response to “configure rails in production environment.

  1. Hey,

    Yep, I remember you.
    well regarding this topic. I’m using nginx mongrel
    and using monit to manage them. if you have any questions let me know.


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