Struggling with open source jabber server

My on going project is based on jabber server. i was expecting following features from an open source jabber server implementation –

* Authentication, Authorization  and registration service must be taken from 3rd party. (here i am 3rd party)

* P2P and Group chatting

* HTTP Polling support (optionally  HTTP Binding support)

* Very scalable

* Very flexible user customization

* group messaging subscription

* group moderation role

also following features –  

* none blocking i/o

* optionally java based

* cluster support

thats all.

so after passing some hard time, i fought with “ejabberd”, the ERLang based jabber daemon. i must say this is the best open source implementation. (i didn’t test openfire).

the author really gave a lot of effort. i had a very bad time tough, i tried to invoke external authentication system. but i found php script but i couldn’t able to make it work.

anyway, still it didn’t full fill my requirement, i want to manage user A and A and Registration from my service.

secondly i gave a try Open-im, i show the source code and stuff, my first impression was very bad, i found it was stucking with an infinite loop. later traversing inside the code i found, it was because of the SSL socket initialization related code. code was seeking certificate to initiate a SSL socket. since i didn’t put any certificate it not suppose to do it.

anyway, after working with it i found, it is not complete even code were poorly written.

later i gave a try tigase, it seems very nice and very well written server. still i need my whole control over AA and Registration.

after stucking a lot, i am now cncerntrating on open-im, i am thinking to contribute on this project. first i will implement the following features –

1. move to spring framework

2. Refactor code base
2. move authentication based on JAAS

3. Support 3rd party profile service

4. Support none blocking I/O api

5. Support HTTP Pooling based on servlet container
thats all for now beside my other stuffs from my current project.


One response to “Struggling with open source jabber server

  1. You should try Openfire too. I have been using it for quite some time now and find it useful.

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