JavaFX: Parse HTML content with DOMParser

I have started an interesting project. I will illustrate a crawler based on JavaFX scripting. Though there is no specific reason beyond using JavaFX except to enhance my knowledge on JavaFX scripting.

Here is some preliminary code that I have already written:

Import statement and package declaration –


package com.we4tech.linkcrawler.fx.script;

import java.lang.*;



import java.util.*;

import org.xml.sax.SAXException;

import org.w3c.dom.Document;

import org.w3c.dom.NodeList;

import org.w3c.dom.Node;

import org.w3c.dom.NamedNodeMap;


Sample class skeleton –



* Define structure for Crawler class.

* @author hasan (hasan -AT-


public class Crawler {


* Define the target url.


public attribute url: String;

public attribute debug: Boolean;

private attribute foundLinks: String*;


* Start crawling process.


public operation start();

private operation followupLink(link: String);


* Return a list of all available links.


public function getLinks(): String*;


* Print out debug output without timestamp and [LEVEL] prefix.


private operation debug(message: String);

private operation error(message: String);


Implementation –


operation Crawler.start() {

debug(“Initiating crawler process..”);

debug(“URL is set to – {url}”);

debug(“Crawling just initiated.”);



operation Crawler.followupLink(link: String) {

debug(“Follow up link – {link}”);

if (link == null or link.length() == 0) {

error(“URL is empty”);


} else {

try {

// Run in background thread through EDT.

do {

var parse = new DOMParser();


var document = parse.getDocument();

var nodes = document.getElementsByTagName(“a”);

for (i in [0..nodes.getLength()]) {

var node = nodes.item(i);

var attributes = node.getAttributes();

if (attributes null) {

for (j in [0..attributes.getLength()]) {

var attr = attributes.item(j);

if (attr null) {

var nodeName = attr.getNodeName();

if (“href” == nodeName) {

var nodeValue = attr.getNodeValue();

debug(“{nodeName} link – {nodeValue}”);

insert nodeValue into foundLinks;

// start new follow up process.








} catch (e) {

error(“Error found during opening up new URLConnection – {e}”);




operation Crawler.debug(message: String) {

if (debug) {

System.out.println(“[DEBUG] – [{new Date()}] – {message}”);



operation Crawler.error(message: String) {

System.out.println(“[ERROR] – [{new Date()}] – {message}”);


function Crawler.getLinks() {

return foundLinks;


NOTE: I have published these codes to make some sense to those people who have started learning JavaFX. This might help other people to know more on it.

Best wishes,

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One response to “JavaFX: Parse HTML content with DOMParser

  1. GGner

    That’s what i’m looking for. I’m a jfx learner and trying to write a javafx html parser.
    But I couldn’t see the definiton of followupLink() function in your code.
    Is it right?

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