CSS Stuff: Margin, padding etc…


if you already have CSS, HTML knowledge, i am not writing for you today… sorry dude, i will come up with more technical stuff for you 🙂 just keep roaming.
this blog is concentrating a very simple problem of understanding “Margin, and Padding” stuff. i think my intended readers are very new on CSS. need few basic understanding of what is called “margin” and “padding” in context of “CSS”.

here i have attached my picture…? let me know do you need more explanation ?? :p (very short right…!!!)

padding-margin.jpg Illustrated how padding and margin works

best wishes… 😀


4 responses to “CSS Stuff: Margin, padding etc…

  1. hasan,
    we have a CMS for creating new page in our home page, developed by a bangladesh based web company. There are some limitations there, like “page layout”. page layout is not attached as a builtin feature (e.g. template) which could automatically fix the padding/margin.
    Also, after creating a new template, sometimes, it takes edges to load the changes (this happens after coping contents from html source/exel file). Is there anyway to increse the performance level of https://www.109-sen.com home page ?

  2. Hi Hasan, For a lot of people a great tip. For me, it was already known. There are so many things in CSS these days, its realy a great thning to work with..

  3. I see …

    Still you are “sick again” 😛

  4. Hi hasan,

    Doing a gr8 job, keep going good work…

    Best wishes and good luck for your success…

    Keep it up!

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