Trackback: in house drama with the team members of java team at somewhere in …

Yesterday was a great surprise for all of us, you know somewhere in… is a place to make color for people as well as for creating color for their talents too. nice explaination from Samiha esha is here .

howdy, well it’s been really an interesting day for us at office today. actually last week arild proposed to our java team members that we should arrange some small dramas about our every project activities…this function of activities can fill up our communication gap with our clients more efficiently.
our project manager shahana apu arranged a fantastic drama about our idg project with all of us today. she organized the drama quite fantastically. and i must thank to my all team mates for participating in such co-curricula activities. without your cooperation it won’t be possible to make it possible.

now lets come to the real fun. shahana apu wrote a tiny script for us. interesting is that she shuffle the characters and distribute among us. i was really amazed that all of our team members really played outstanding. they took only ten minutes rehearsal and they perform the whole drama quite spontaneously. it’s really kind of absolute new experience for me. i never would even participate in my school’s drama program. but arild really introduced quite nice concept of development to our team. with this small drama project we can easily find out how the problems and flow of work quite easily. this kind of projects really appreciating.

anyway, here’s i m describing our idg project drama roles. hope you will enjoy it.


6 responses to “Trackback: in house drama with the team members of java team at somewhere in …

  1. Hey Hasan,
    Your lay-out is looking great man!

  2. hello John, gracious :D.. he he he..

  3. yep it is excellent 🙂

  4. Without any doubt… it must be an amazing experience for anyone.

  5. Lamueno

    amazing ajax
    let me have a try

  6. so, really enjoy it and fantastic project experience.. 😛

    thanks to share with us.

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