How to automate the traditional Cow supply process

How to automate the traditional Cow supply process

Year 2007 is really different, we kick started our 2007 with a lot of funs. We got 2 different festivals with in same day. It is bit different, isn’t it?? ;).

Year 2006, I wasn’t thinking much about my daily responsibilities & life. I was bit robot. No pain was on my skin. But the end of 2006 fall me in really a lot of thinking. I am bit confused whether I have to participate in social activities or I can ignore them or I should ignore them.

Our family was too busy since last 2 days, lot of family stuffs. My family was taking a lot of preparation for EiD festival. I am bit dull and bore guy, who never care about any family and social culture. But recently I really got a depth feeling whether I should keep me involve with all those social stuffs or I have to become an alien.

Become an alien is bit easy task, just hide yourself from all buzz and fuzz… no need to involve in anything. Just keep your butt stick with bed or chair. It is not bad at all. But I started believing, it is not really a human is being created for.

I am planning to involve myself with all social and family stuff from this year on, but I have to fix few social problems too. I am personally not like those people who accept everything from the first understanding. I like to find out the logic or relation with real benefit.

So today, when I was coming after EiD – ul – azha prayer, I found two of mine Dula bhais. They both are teachers of a respective school and a university. I knew these two guys since my child hood.

We were discussing on various topics, suddenly I an idea poped up on my head, it was about how we can simplify our traditional & cultural activities. Let’s think about EiD festivals.

During EiD –ul- azha we usually buy Cow. I know they are experienced guy, so my question wasn’t wondering for them rather they enjoyed and wanted to introduce few services. Here I want to share few services that I am planning for Next generation.

Here is our traditional way of cow supply:

traditional cow supply process
Figure 1: Traditional Cow Supply chain

Traditional way of cow supply chain collects cow from the following sources:

1. Cow firm
2. International cow (basically Indian cow)
3. Individual cow supplier

1. Cow firm

Cow firm is usually a big place, where many cows are maintained and built. In our country we have insufficient cow firm. Most of the time we have to depend on International cow firms (Mostly India).

Because of insufficient local cow supply, our cow market is imbalanced and most often fake crisis is intentionally raised to pop up the market value.

2. International cow

Most of the EiD festival we have to wait for international cow firm. Our cow related business is totally misleading by few international cow agents. Intentionally fake crisis are recurring most often. International cow are nice looking, too long and too nice to show off. But meat is not exactly comparable with locally managed cow. Anyway International cows are really affecting our local business.

3. Individual cow supplier

Individual cow suppliers are individual cow firm holder or those people who wants to sale their domestic cow. Most often these cows are bit aged and suffers from nutrition and lot of physical problems.


Most of the third party agents act as an Interceptor. They intercept with in every supply processes. Usually they purchase from the individual agent or big firm or international agent. And create various fake crises to rise up price level.

How to resolve such problem

I can’t suggest any solution rather I can show up my idea; I am warning everyone “I AM NOT EXPERT ON THIS SUPPLY PROCESS”. Most of my information is based on my imagination. Any correction is mostly appreciated.

proposed cow supply process
Figure 2: My Proposed Supply process

Managed processes:

1. Quality assurance team
2. Data center
3. Media
4. Customer

Before explaining these stuffs, I want to remind about few basic cow selection process. As far I know a good cow is measured by following statement

Good Cow = Weight + Figure Dimension + Age + Color (* optional)

1. Quality assurance

So far I have heard and understood. No cow is verified by any quality assurance team. All cows are verified by local agent or global agent, where quality doesn’t mean quality for human. Most common complain about cow is cow are not properly maintained.

No way cow are passing through quality assurance process.

We would be highly dependent on quality assurance process. Each and every cow has to pass on every quality assurance test.

2. Data center

After completion of quality test, all cows will be locked up in our own haat. Our data center will hold profile of each and every cow.

Generally speaking, after locking up all cows, we will take the responsibility of maintaining all cow shit!!! :D.. no third party cow firm won’t be used. Rather our quality team and doctor will take care of each and every cow.

Data center is huge archive of cow profiles which is linked up with different business services.

3. Media

We won’t mind to appreciate any creative media. Media layer is our distribution channel. We would love to distribute our cows over online (web application), TV Show, Radio program & News paper classified advertisement.

We would love to enable our end user to build up an online community where cow firms, individual agent and so on are rated by customer himself. Our cow’s price won’t vary on location of haat or firm or country. It will vary on measurement standard.

Good Cow = Weight + Figure Dimension + Age + Color (* optional)

That’s all for today :D…. Holly Cow Shit!!! Write up…

I would love to see a painless cow haat over modern media.

Best regards,
— nhm tanveer hossain khan (hasan)

Cow taken from –


4 responses to “How to automate the traditional Cow supply process

  1. My God!!! you are so energetic. Very interesting post. I am speechless 😀

  2. Hehehehe, I have been finding myself a bit on the ground, when I saw the drawing of the modern Cow suplly procces. Its realy cool to see how it wil be done in the future.

  3. darincha

    I am a cattle exporter from Thailand. we have been supplying about 80,000 cattles per year to Malaysian government as well as private companies(not only during the Eid, but throughout the year)

    We are in the business for 35 years and I am now looking for opportunity to expand the business by exporting to other Muslim countries especially during the Eid festival.

    One thing, you can be sure that you are dealing directly with real exporter. if you have idea what we can cooperate just let me know.


  4. hi darincha,
    thanks for showing your interest,
    right now i am not interested, if i find someone i will definitely let him know about you.

    best wishes,

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