Protected: Year 2007: Stuff need to do….

Year 2007: Stuff need to do….

  1. Perfection in prayer, No excuse on prayer time.
  2. Reading daily Quran & Hadid translation
  3. Continue my every classes (don’t miss anything including lab class too)
  4. Participate in all class tests & daily class works & group reading etc…
  5. Become always smiling guy
  6. Complete my undone 2nd year stuffs within June.
  7. Kick out all emotions (I shall have little emotion that may stop being a robot 😀 )
  8. Don’t accept third party project
  9. When I will commit on project, I will take it as a challenge. Do or Die
  10. Become the most reliable person on the earth.
  11. I have to build a reliable career
  12. My career focuses on Technological Consultant. I need Solid technological expertise (Java, Ruby on Rails & PHP, Software engineering stuffs), business idea, and marketing idea.
  13. Need to keep patient on Documentation stuffs
  14. I have to keep time for reading daily RSS Feed
  15. Need to stop watching too much movie and TV programs, need to stop listening music, need to sleep less & work more.
  16. Now I have to start concrete write up on my public blog.
  17. STOP talking too much, STOP intercepting other’s talking
  18. Become friendly for first time, if they like I will continue otherwise kick out that Friendliness.
  19. I HAVE TO participate in Yoga learning session
  20. Need to start my martial art practice at home, keep a small time in my daily routine
  21. I will start swimming
  22. I won’t remain cheap
  23. No excuse, Done & Not done.
  24. Start saving money
  25. Participate in business with my friends & colleagues
  26. Give time to JPGroup, BDJUG, BDRUG, PHPExperts, java ranch, java lobby, the server side & sun java ee forum
  27. Complete IDEABase, BloodSearch, Mobile Bangla chat.
  28. Become web application security expert.
  29. Learn more java stuff.
  30. This year I will only focus on building myself.


4 responses to “Protected: Year 2007: Stuff need to do….

  1. best of luck….Happy new year !!

    Eid Mubarak 🙂

  2. inshallah u can,thought i think u need to reconsider some parts…

  3. If Im correct I say now “Shuvo Nabo Barsho”

    Happy New Year to you Hasan, and to your family and friends.

  4. Wow John, excellent… you absolutely correct…

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