You Won’t Believe This, But The Arrow Operator Is Coming To Java 7

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Yes, the -> operator. According to Danny Coward, Sun Java SE Platform Lead, Java 7 will use the arrow operator for Java Beans property access:

Danny Coward talk PDF (p.27): Reading JavaBeans properties

a.setFoo(b.getFoo());a->Foo = b->Foo;

What’s wrong with using the good old dot?

Most of the stuff mentioned are nice and useful. I like the XML
literal and the BigDecimal arithmetic operator overloading. The Swing
simplification effort is long over due too.

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4 responses to “You Won’t Believe This, But The Arrow Operator Is Coming To Java 7

  1. Dan Lewis

    It appears that your weblog entry exactly matches a previous entry on another weblog:

    Amazing coincidence.

  2. hi Dan,
    i already put “source” on top of my blog post. i didn’t reproduce it… i just put it directly from your given url… thank you for visiting my blog…

    best regards,

  3. This was on Weiqi Gao’s weblog already word for word.

    The best etiquette is to either quote it, change the style to excerpt it (like Weiqi did from Danny Coward’s work), remove the verbatim text (keep the link or do a trackback) and tell us what you think.

    Hope to see some good.

  4. hi dan…yes u r right 🙂 but i guess you didn’t see he already give the location with his post 🙂

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