Happy birthday ….

Wow… it was a nice day.

didn’t i say?? it was the second the best birthday in my life (till today), usually i don’t remind my birthday too much 🙂 except this year :D… i don’t tell other about my birthday too… most of my friends are not aware about birthday too :).. but today was totally different 🙂

the early call came up from Moin bhai.. (cheers moin bhai…) he called me up before 12 am :D… really really cheers and congrats esha… she was perfectly on time :D…

i was feeling like baby… for they whole day long i have heard… “Happy birthday” for nearly infinite times 🙂 (no gracious to e…).
my day was outstanding… i planned to hear something for 2 days… but u know guys when i got that great news i wasn’t beside my phone… i was doing my cold water shower…

The great news is … “T2 mama & mami” blessed by a great baby … i belief it must be a blinking star… an angel .. directly dropped over their hand… my great congrats and regards for Mami frist and T2 mama second…

anyway my day started with this cOOl news.. wasn’t it perfect ??? for sure it was 😀

i was suppose to move early to my office .. but u know what happened…?? i got up bit late today… anyway it wasn’t bad at all..

this way i kicked start my day..!!!

i was really in good mood through the whole day… after returning to my office… i have been to coopers and agora to settle all required stuff… those i need for my birthday party…

u know i bought eggs, gee, milk, stew berry jam, ice cream & flour… it is ashamed that i didn’t know how to buy those stuffs… i asked one agora staff and she lead me to all items.. .. 😦 anyway .. it was great fun… 🙂 ordered sandwich from coopers… you know what was surprising ??.. my colleagues brought a nice cake… it was really great and yammy yammy :D…

anyway our great surprise was vaffel… (those who never heard about vaffel, Vaffel is a norwegian traditional food,, it taste like waffle…, actually waffle == vaffel 😀 )… my idea wasn’t bad at all :D… took recipe from real norwegian Arild (aren’t u real norwegian …?). he prepared all the mix.. it was too excellent…. thanks goes to arild …:)

you know what happened than… all folks were too excited with vaffel.. they were just having vaffel.. and waiting for next pane… it was too exciting… lot of fun through the whole day…

it was really a great day.. 😀 thanks all my somewhere in… colleagues .. friends who surprised me such nice colorful birthday 🙂 it is my 2nd and 1st from some other aspect birthday 🙂

Wow nice flowers… thanks E

Vaffel (Norwegian waffle pane)

my birthday cake


look at the guys… they are too excited … :p

Kinori .. (Arils’ daughter)

Espen & robin (arild’s child)

All stuff over the table… just pick your one 😉

Fahim is dropping the last piece of vaffel

Fahim & Dip with vaffel

Kenori, ti-Poo bhai, Ipshita sis


8 responses to “Happy birthday ….

  1. cool…where r u in the party?
    i thought i will get u beside this yummi came

  2. wow !!!

    Really a nice day… 🙂

  3. I never had such a wonderful birthday party ever, where the birthday Boy cook by himself and treat his friends 🙂 Hasan…its really mind blowing birthday party…gracious for your wonderful Treat 🙂 The Waffles were yammiiiiiiiiii…:) gracious gracious Gracious 🙂

  4. That looks like a very nice birthday Hasan. You are a rich man with all those good friends.

  5. hi john, it was really a great party… i enjoyed a lot… i belief all of my colleagues and friends too … 🙂 anyway… can u please mail me your mobile number… so i can send you sms or i can call 🙂

  6. Just send you my phone number. Did you got my message on your birthday? I hope so.

  7. hey, man! thanx for inviting us and giving us such wonderful time. i enjoyed a lot and not to mention the eating :). I’l c u soon

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