My Expectation and WEB 3.0

WEB got a lot of attention for couple of years.we have been introduced with many changes over web presentation, idea, technology and business model. many technologies are proving their outstanding idea, few old proven technologies are passing harder moments.

web presentation approach is now more user friendly, more user oriented and bit techy :D. we also have witness many technological support from browser, Firefox, IE 7, Opera 9.0 many stuff have been released in couple of years.

many hype like ajax, liquid ui, web 2.0, tag, tag cloud, rest and so on are highly adopted technology of the the year.

many changes on development life cycle, people frequently adopting more agile development process. many idea based projects like “YouTube”, “Pageflakes”, “somehwere in… blog” are getting incredible support from the huge community.

but you guys know that bangladeshi are beyond the scene of many of those successful services. we are poor people of poor country, we are from such environment where we rarely get chance to build ourselves. but it is not impossible which is already proven.

many blinking shinning bangladeshi stars are on the sky. sometimes they are visible and sometimes they remain hidden. my respect to all of those gals and guys who are contributing now these days. (great respect to Omar Al Zabir bhai too)

specially i want to talk about WEB 3.0 and my expectation from web services providers… first i will obviously describe what we else belief about WEB 3.0 and what we expect from WEB 3.0 service provider like somewhere in…

here is few content about web 3.0” and “

WEB 3.0 is sequential update of web trends. we have seen many hype many buzz in current world. many technologies adoption and competition among the technologies are really great success. Ruby On Rails is really doing fantastics job. WEB 3.0 is web for “collaborative community service”, where community are helping each other to grow up new trends. this collaboration is adopting through web service and many other upcoming none predicted technologies.

WEB 2.0 adopted many cool concept, “Sharing” “Community” is few highly adopted tags. web 2.0 brought many successful products, many projects.

many of those services are “one man show” and many of those projects are really cOOl. we had experienced many browser related magic. i belief now this game is bit in relaxed mood. every developers now feeling why i need javascript Fusss.. in everywhere, just optimize those portion where it increase visitor productivity.

the most exciting changes on web 2.0 is “IDEA”, now web industries are totally depending on “IDEA”. “IDEA” is money.

the worst (s**t) stuff is the business strategy, most of the companies (who brought the ideas) are targeting to sale their product to any giant (i belief upcoming Devil) (like google, yahoo …) company. so at this point web 2.0 is really s***d. Google or this kinda companies are growing up and introducing next microsoft. after all, all the people need money.

we are repeating the history, british colonial is RETURNING in web.

anyway, web 2.0 is turning to web 3.0 here is my few wishes:

  1. more localized service for local community.
  2. more creative ideas on building community.
  3. charge community rather selling the product to the the giant.
  4. bangladesh should give more emphasis on idea based project rather working on outsourcing job.
  5. parallelism in growth, where most of the services are building each other. and helping to build a echo system.
  6. 90% mutual service,
  7. more variation in web ui trends, rather technological hype, we have to bring some really interesting presentation.
  8. google, yahoo or other search engine should provide “on request indexing” service, where ajax based service won’t be s****d.
  9. more flexible and reusable public service.
  10. no hidden charge, for example: flick provides limit on number of uploaded images. after crossing that limit. it will vanish your previous images. you have to purchase “Pro” account subscription, then you will get back your old images.
  11. honest service.
  12. “basic way to survive” new idea. perhaps “IDEA Incubator” 😉
  13. more “human interaction” rather automated…
  14. more limitation on “adultery content”
  15. more “soft service” which we feel everyday.
  16. I belief some way to raise “consumer voice”…

thats all for today…


2 responses to “My Expectation and WEB 3.0

  1. Hi Hasan,
    I did not know that there would come a WEB 3.0 Its going prety fast like that, because I thought that WEB 2.0 came a round late 2005.

    Its quite a intersting article and I’m gonna read the 2 links as well. Have a nice day..

  2. Its really an important article. thanks hasan. 🙂

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