somewhere in… talents wind back their first day familiarity at office

today samiha esha, has opened up the secret of somewhere in… talent’s “First day experience”, it is totally a creative idea. her presentation is pretty organizing way.

here is the introduction:

“the more fun you have, the greater your value to yourself and to your society. the more fun you share with others, the more fun you have.”

AfoOfa —“all for one and one for all”

yep that’s what we the talents of “ somewhere in ” always believe in our personal and professional life.

to read more the post just move your mouse over here


4 responses to “somewhere in… talents wind back their first day familiarity at office

  1. To know more about somewhere in talents must visit the blog he he he…:)

  2. I ve been reading the whole site (proud of myself modus)and is very funny and interesting to read. But the best java developer? can you then please help me out with my cookie problem 😉

  3. esha, he he he

    Redstar, ok i will apply this patch on my own blog template and will give u the code is it ok?

  4. Yes Hasan, thats very ok! And if there is something I could do for you, I am pleased to do so…!

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