SOJO – Simplify your Old Java Objects

Very interesting library, JSON, CSV and many way you can serialize your java objects.  (also deserialize)

i have ran the following example:

DomainObject o = new DomainObject();
o.setDescription( “my description is too big” );
o.setEmail( “hasan–AT–” );
o.setId( new Integer(22));
o.setName( “nhm tanveer” );
o.setPhone( “+2323blah blah” );

Serializer sr = new JsonSerializer();
System.out.println( sr.serialize( o ) );

from the SOJO document:

The intention for this project is a Java framework, that convert JavaBeans in a simplified representation. So it is easy and uniformly to handle and control the access to JavaBeans properties.

The main goal from this frameworks is, that SOJO can convert complex Java-Object graphs (with cycle detection) to a desired structure. The framework provide a “pluggable” basis to integrate different kind of conversions (also your own implementations). With this infrastructure can solve problems, where POJOs are not supported or are not the best decision.

SOJO Official Site


One response to “SOJO – Simplify your Old Java Objects

  1. Wow Hasan…..nice banner :)Hope new version will present us new surprises…:)

    Good Luck !!


    Samiha Esha 🙂

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