Every time I try to access my repository, the process just hangs

one of our repositories was hanging while user was trying to checkout. to resolve this problem i found the following lines from svn FAQ. Now it has been fixed.

Your repository is not corrupt, nor is your data lost. If your process accesses the repository directly (mod_dav_svn, svnlook, svnadmin, or if you access a `file://’ URL), then it’s using Berkeley DB to access your data. Berkeley DB is a journaling system, meaning that it logs everything it is about to do before it does so. If your process is interrupted (Control-C, or segfault), then a lockfile is left behind, along with a logfile describing unfinished business. Any other process that attempts to access the database will just hang, waiting for the lockfile to disappear. To awaken your repository, you need to ask Berkeley DB to either finish the work, or rewind the database to a previous state that is known to be consistent.

collected from – http://subversion.tigris.org/faq.html#bdb-recovery
just apply “svnadmin recover /path/to/your/repository”


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