PHP Fragment cache solution

PHP Fragment cache solution Sometimes we want to cache a part php script rather caching the whole page.


For example above right side list is updating after 1 hour, so why not cache it for 1 hour rather shooting database for each request.

My illustration will cache a time stamp (so when can verify when it was updated lastly):

< ?
require “Cache.php”;

// init. Fragment cache generator class
// pass a cache unique key
$c = new Cache( “abc” );
while( $c->startCache() ) {
// all logic should be inside while loop
// rather placing else where.
echo time();
// it needs to be invoked because we want to finish
// our caching task right here,
//print out your content from cache or fresh (first time) echo “CONT: “.

Now have a look on “Cache” class how does it work….
class Cache {
private $id;
private $createdOn;
private $content;
private $notCached;

// we need to know when the cache has been lastly created
public function __construct( $id ) {
$this->id = $id;
$this->createdOn = time();
// let cache now fragment started
public function startCache() {
// be sure if already cache exists on the same ID
// load it or create new cache
if( !$this->_hasCache()) {
$this->notCached = true;
else {
$this->notCached = false;
return $this->notCached;
// for illustration I have used flat file caching, though it can be replaced by
// MemCached solution or other shared memory solution.
private function _hasCache() {
$hasCache = file_exists( $this->id.”.cache” );
if( $hasCache ) {
$fp = fopen( $this->id.”.cache”, “r” );
$this->content = fread( $fp, filesize( $this->id.”.cache” ) );
fclose( $fp );
return $hasCache;

// let cache know fragment is over and finish
public function endCache() {
$this->content = ob_get_contents();
// create cache file
$fp = fopen( $this->id.”.cache”,”w” );
fputs( $fp, $this->content );
fclose( $fp );

// let’s get your cache content
public function getContent( ) {
return $this->content;
Though very straight forward solution, it can be optimized using Shared Memory or MemCached solution.

NOTE: this implementation is just for illustration purpose. it should contain expire system, event management etc.. important stuffs. to make this class really helpful.

Download Source code

— nhm tanveer hossain khan (hasan)


5 responses to “PHP Fragment cache solution

  1. redstar

    I could not download the source code 😦
    btw your sidebar is totaly down and you can fix this by putting clear: left; to your div-bottom-right in the css.

    And your cookies are not working, and thats a shame, when you have fixed that, I would like to know how, because I ve downloaded this theme and made such a cool layout.

  2. Hi,
    i found this problem with IE 7 while i have used few CSS hacks.
    Since IE 7 all of these hacks are invalid.
    (IE7 no longer supports the following hack
    /* blah\*/
    *p { background: red }
    hopefully i will work on this theme to make it on top library.
    with updated CSS as well… keep in touch 😀

    and thank you for visiting 😀

  3. redstar

    Hi, Ive tryed also a lot of things and when you place clear: Left;(I typet right earlyer) Then the sidebar stays on the right place. On my test server I use also for some implants I made.
    The coockie problem Im a litle futher, but not concrete.
    As I like to help out, I also would like you to try a doctype. The functionalitie from the scrips is go up with 100%.

    You could mail me so whe can talk about things like that. Greetings, and Im comming back to visit!

  4. Redstar

    I hope this works, but try to put css

    #div-bottom-left {
    width: 68%;
    float: left;
    background: #FEFEFE url(../images/bck-blockcorner.gif) top left no-repeat;

    #div-bottom-right {
    width: 30%;
    float: left;
    background: #FEFEFE;

  5. Hi,
    gr8 help, thank you . i am checking in.

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