Kudos hasin bhai

I was stuck with few CSS related bugs, which were related only with M$ IE.

Credits goes to  hasin bhai who resolved those M$ IE related bugs.

Scenario 1:

Everything was loading fine on most of the browsers except IE 6, it was not render the <h2/> background, which was placed inside a div.
i.e: <div><h2>title</h2><p>some content</p></div>

Solution: use (position: relative)

Scenario: 2

Rectangle border was not rendering properly on IE.
i.e: <div class=”borderDiv”>some content, contains lot of floating div as well</div>

Solution: use (background: #fff);


2 responses to “Kudos hasin bhai

  1. Intresting wordpress theme with quite a lot of scope but there are SERIOUS factors that will make people not use it.

    1. Your entire website is flat. That is there is no URL permalinks to any of the pages. They are all generated dynamically. Bookmarking is impossible.

    2. Because of problem 1 Search Engines will NEVER link to individual posts.

    These are just the sever factors.

    Good luck and keep working on the theme. Nice AJAX performance.

    Perhaps you would be willing to release your search code as a seperate plugin for others to use.

  2. Administrator

    hi, did u see “R” besides all dynamic link?
    it is providing real URL.. thank you for surfing my blog 😀

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