a day without computer solely for relax….


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we have been somewhere in… Water kingdom…. full of water brought full of relax day…. started our day with 2-0 football match between Java team and 3D team…
java team means hasin bhai and me, we kicked off 2 goals in 3D team’s goal post…

Later we have collected late coming fee also i committed for signature less back draft for slightly late coming…

We have found lot of fun inside somewhere in… import/export vehical. arild, saiket bhai, hasin bhai, rythm, tipu bhai, didar apa, sagor bhai and farhana sis… and me.. Enjoyed a lot…

we found the best location inside im/ex car big bench. didar apa and tipu bhai made a pair in left side seat… sagor bhai and farhana sis took right seat… arild drove the car, saiket bhai sit down beside arild…

That’s very exciting… hasin bhai and sagor bhai sang few songs.. including hotel California… arild started playing norge song… though i can hardly remind one piece of sound….

at the cutting edge 12 PM we could get inside water kingdom… bought a locker and locked up all our precise … put on light weight dresses…
time to jump… my first expression was “WoW” where have you been before….?

i am such a man who has been to Cox’s bazar sea beach… but did not touch any water… now directly jump over one ride to another ride… and water to water… i knew little bit swimming… but did not practice for at least 8 years… played lots of game… lots of fun…

the ever funniest thing was happened when i was coming through a tunnel… at the last moment i was suppose to thrown into the water… every thing worked fine… but i just fall down inside water… my head touches the ground under water… and i was inside water for a while… swallowed lots of ant dead water…

after the day with lots of fun…. we returned our home… with ever tired body… mind etc… but again lost myself inside water kingdom while i was asleep…..


2 responses to “a day without computer solely for relax….

  1. Yeah, we should make it regular practice of taking some rest. We did enjoy it a lot, is n’t it Hasan?

    So whats next?

  2. there is so much more to life than just a computer screen and hamburgers, hasan. glad that you enjoyed it and hope that this experience will tempt you to try out a lot more fun out there.

    there more fun you allow yourself from what life has to offer, the more experiences you get. the more experience you have, the better man you are.

    go on, just do it! again and again and again!

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