Bugs with in IntelliJ IDEA ™…

I have developed a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA (Java IDE) which will enable your IDE to look after your tasks as it usually looks after your codes.


This plug-in is separated into two applications.

  • First application is web service which enables Issue tracker to response for the plugin request…
  • Second application is IDEA plugin.

Right now it has “Mantis” (PHP based issue tracker) integration. Later on I will integrate other issue tracker as well.


Background, in our company we are using “Mantis” for managing our issues. If I had a plugin which will accumulate all issues and display in a embed UI it may increase our productivity.…


After writing few codes, now I could release a version for our colleagues.

I welcome all users who already using “Mantis” or interested to implement web service for other issue tracker… or extend it with more feature…

Now I need FEEDBACK…

nhm tanveer hossain khan (hasan)

* IntelliJ IDEA ™ is JetBrains copyrights trade mark


3 responses to “Bugs with in IntelliJ IDEA ™…

  1. Sam

    I have downloaded your plugin from Idea conf panel but it do not
    install. No error in idea log.
    The link from your blog is broken.

    Do you still mantain the package?

    BTW: Do I need to install something on mantis to get it work?

  2. Jesper Berglund

    Task list fails to load in IDEA 6.0.5, do you know any problems with that?

    Does Task List work with the latest version ,at this date, of Mantis?

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